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Encompassing the dark, poetic lyricism of Bruce Springsteen, and the riff-soaked sounds of roots rock and Southern soul, A Valley Son embodies modern American rock and roll.

Here's what others are saying...

"The New York based rock band...have come together to create a unique blend of Southern Gothic, harmony-laden soul-infused roots rock & roll." - Billboard

"New York roots rock outfit ask what the meaning of life really is if the answer keeps changing." Consequence of Sound

"With doses of thunder culled from the worlds of Southern rock, sprinklings of hayseed from Americana and heady grooves that call to mind British boogie rockers Status Quo at their best, the song’s easy vibes serve as a counterpart to the tracks darker lyrical currents." - PopMatters

"On their debut EP Sunset Park, their Americana-laced alt country is heavy on storytelling while also commanding some rousing moments reminiscent of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen." - Earbuddy

"The four-piece southern gothic group is back at it again... "it" being making dope music." - Noisey


"These tracks aren’t just any tracks, they’re well-composed melodies that blend raw emotion and beautiful instrumentals to make you FEEL the music." - Impose Magazine

"Rating: Bad-Ass" - That Music Mag


"With a lovely roots-y vibe that chugs along with purpose and a twang that seems like it belongs in a gospel service – it’s a welcome shift from the electro pop that’s been dominating the borough." - The Wild Honey Pie

"While firmly rooted in the Americana/Country genre... there’s touches of Springsteen with the lyricism and hints of The Allman Brothers’ style, all the while bringing a fresh and new NYC vibe to the mix." - Pancakes and Whiskey

"From dusty retrospectives to road-worn rockers, this new and beautifully talented band is off to a valiant start." - East of 8th

“Dark Places” is a rocktastic groover full of desert heat and kicked-up dust...A Valley Son’s Southern gothic-inspired, harmony-laden, soulful rock n’ roll invokes a Sunday service, yet is right at home in a barroom, with storytelling no less truthful and honest than the sound. - Mother Church Pew

"Between the distinctive, versatile vocals and the enthusiastic alt-country/roots rock instrumentation, AVS has a lot of pieces that can translate easily onto bigger and brighter stages." - Independent Clauses

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